Beach Park Testimonials

This is our 3rd year on Beach Park.

In the spring of 2014 we visited Beach Park every weekend for six weeks; each time we spoke at length to different residents, all of whom were so approachable and friendly.

On three separate occasions we were warmly invited into peoples’ homes to see how they looked and ‘felt’; as you would imagine this really helped us to envisage what life would be like living right by the sea.

We loved it!

We reserved a plot, ordered a new Swift Holiday Home, moved in a month later and have never looked back. We have since decided to upgraded to a Stately Lodge.

We love to sit on the deck and watch the people, the joggers and the cyclists go by; we’re 5 only minutes’ walk from a lovely seaside restaurant and very close to a regular bus route. There is also easy access to the Lancing shops and railway station.

It’s not always easy to convey in words just how nice it is on Beach Park; even in the less pleasant weather it really is wonderful to be here.

On the warm and sunny days it is unbeatable.

Dave and Gillian

We have owned a Lodge on Beach Park for 5 years and are very happy here.It is secure and well maintained site. The owners are very friendly and are always available to talk too.

Allan and Gina Goodbody

We both felt that we would like to write to you to tell you how happy we are with our Beach Hut and Caravan on Beach Park.

When we bought our Beach Hut 2 years ago we could not, of imagined how much our lives could have improved, but since we purchased the caravan last year, life has got even better.

We have now made a complete life style change and it has been wonderful.
We have made so many good friends on the park and the surrounding area, witnessed amazing sunrises and sunsets and seen the sea in its many moods.

Our investment at Beach Park has proved to us to be of tremendous value fpr our money and we are very pleased with the way that the park
is mananged and is improving form month to month.

We wish the owners the very best for the future and look forward to another good year.

Beverly and Michael Redford

After spending a considerable amount of time looking at parks in the area we chose Beach Park and purchased a Lodge approximately 2 years ago a decision we have never regretted for one minute.

The location is second to none on the South Coast.

There is a quiet, happy atmosphere and the park is constantly being developed and improved by the owners, who look after everyone in the most helpful and friendly manner.

Nothing being too much trouble, we can heartily recommend Beach Park to anyone.

Barry and Hazel Sales.

We purchased our holiday home at Beach Park in 2012 having looked all along the south coast for the right place. After a year of ownership, we can honestly say that we couldn’t be more pleased with how well it’s worked out. Life at Beach Park is peaceful, relaxing and fun!

The park is being constantly improved by the superb owners and there is a lovely diverse mixture of friendly residents.

Our holiday home gives us a weekend ‘bolt hole’ which has added a wonderful new dimension to our young family’s lives…winter, spring, summer or autumn, life really is better by the beach!

Dan & Kate

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